Схема преобразователя бп скат v5

схема преобразователя бп скат v5
Being regenera- tive^ they radiated energy and caused considerable interfer- ence, especially in more con- gested areas. When they ran Into re- sistance from the FCC, they then went via the OTP {White House) to force the FCC to capitulate. It’s actually a bit more sordid than that, but you get the idea. And who can ever forget the Cadillac of VHF — the radio twins that meant you were on the top — the Clegg Zeus transmitter artd matching Interceptor receiver. Respondents such as the Radio Amateur SatcUtte Corporation *AMaATJ stated that certain umjittio aciivity in the two tneter band must be provided protection from repeater op- eration. After the Triton came out. for example, it was decided that some design changes should be made.

The mifes cancel and we get 36,960 feet. Sky wave can be broken down into various levels of skip. In the daytime, the «D^* and ‘*E» layer:; of the ionosphere effectively prevent any significant long- distance skip on the medium waves. Измеряя частоту на выходе ИБП, регулировкой резистора VR4 установить 50 ± 0,6 Гц. Установка значения выходного напряжения Включить ИБП в режим работы от батареи без нагрузки. Needless to say, these people have been less than enthu- siastic about thi5 change, and in some areas organized non-FM groups have already declared ^wsr^’ on any attempt to channelize this portion of two meters and assign repeaters to it. There were new circuits to be tested in the transmitter field, including the Colpitts, the Meissner, the Hartley, and the Heising, among others, Amateurs wanted to be informed.

Log forms, score sheets and exchange points table are available for IRCs. Logs must be received before Jan, 20, 1978, to qualify {advisable to use air mail). Send logs and score sheets to: A. V. RTTY DX Contest Committee, SSB & RTTY Club, PO Box 144, 22100 Como, Italy. Actyally, W6LS is open and active at least 30 houi^ per week. One side con- tends that, according to pres- ent alternating current theory, the power factor is unity, and reactance are equal and opposite.

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