Europegas схема

europegas схема
The disruptions have been caused by Russia cutting supplies to Ukraine following a number of disputes over how much Ukraine must pay for its gas. The increase since 2012 partly reflects the reclassification of Det Norske from small to medium-sized company. Operators who ceased operations have been removed from this list. Проведите сеанс удалённого доступа к Вашему компьютеру, для устранения возникшей ошибки. Retrieved 12 June 2013. ^ Dempsey, Judy (13 July 2006). «Gazprom’s grip on Western Europe tightens with pipelines to Hungary». The New York Times. This, he said, is due to the fact that the price of natural gas has decreased internationally and that the construction of a new pipeline has no economic justification.

The resulting decline in discovery size meant challenges were different from before. The original project was backed by several European Union member states and by the United States, and was seen as a rival to the South Stream pipeline project. Meanwhile, Russia is planning two of its own new gas pipelines to Europe, the Nord Stream, which will run direct from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, and the South Stream, which will run from southern Russia under the Black Sea to Bulgaria. Great interest in prequalification has been displayed since it was introduced, and a steady trickle of companies are still seeking such advance assessment. All verifiers are required to demonstrate that they are either accredited (or certified) in accordance with the Accreditation and Verification Regulation. The UKAS list does not include verifiers accredited by other national accreditation bodies and under Phase III rules there is no ‘registration’ or acceptance procedure for non-UK verifiers.

Allocation to the various categories is based on a combination of size, nationality and phase (strategy). Size is defined by the enterprise’s market value on the stock exchange. The list of UKAS accredited verifiers for Phase III, including aviation, of the EU Emissions Trading System indicates the scope of a particular verifier’s accreditation, for example in relation to particular sectors. During the first half of the 2000s, large Norwegian companies and majors accounted for the biggest investment in exploration.

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